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KBN Law Mission

 Founded in 2016

Originally founded as a means to provide pro bono services to family, friends, and good causes, KBN Law evolved into a full legal practice as it became evident that the traditional law firm model no longer worked for many people and companies.

Today KBN Law provides legal services to a broad variety of clients ranging from healthcare organizations and real estate companies to nonprofits and individuals.

Born from that evolution is the ongoing Mission of KBN Law:

Putting Experience & Success to Work for Clients and Good Causes

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KBN Vision


"Striving to partner with clients by providing high quality legal services unburdened by cost concerns."

Too often interactions with law firms seem almost mercenary. Quality outcomes and communication take a backseat to timesheets and cost concerns. That isn't good for businesses, people or the legal profession.

KBN Law wants to change that dynamic.

Success for KBN Law means partnering with its clients. In turn, that means ensuring clients receive high quality legal advice and without always worrying about the clock.


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Mario Nicolais

Owner / Managing Partner

After two decades in government affairs and practicing law, I've learned nothing is more powerful than being a strong advocate for good causes and clients. That's why I founded KBN Law.

  • J.D. 2006 - University of Colorado School of Law

  • M.B.A. 2019 (emphasis in Health Administration) - University of Colorado Denver Business School

  • Columnist for the Colorado Sun (previously wrote for the Denver Post and Colorado Statesman)

  • Prior General Counsel for Colorado's largest post-acute and long-term care provider

    • 30+ facilities; 3,200+ employees​

  • Argued and won multiple cases before the Colorado Supreme Court including the seminal election law case Colorado Ethics Watch v. Senate Majority Fund

For more background on me, please visit my personal website at:

Tel: 720.773.1526 (C)

Email :


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KBN Value 01.


Every KBN Law client comes with their own goals and aspirations. Helping its clients reach those ends is the top priority for KBN Law. Consequently, there is no higher value for KBN Law than ensuring clients aren't just billing matters or legal issues, but partners.

Partnership for KBN Law means understanding what clients want to accomplish, what alternatives may be available and how KBN Law may help. That also means that KBN Law actively seeks to foster an open, trusting relationship where clients value its counsel.

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