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05. Nonprofit Law

Legal Help for People Doing Good Works

Doing good works can be costly. But there's no reason legal fees need to drag down an aspiring vision.


Organizing and running a nonprofit is every bit as difficult as any for profit business. Arguably it can be even harder between fundraising and answering to a higher cause. Whether helping kids in need or creating an advocacy organization to engage political constituencies or banding together an industry trade association, even volunteer-led nonprofits can quickly become full-time "jobs."

That's why choosing the right legal partner can make such a big difference. In addition to its corporate governance practices, KBN Law offers specialty help to nonprofit client partners, either through an outside general counsel role or for individual projects, on:

  • Nonprofit Formation (e.g. Articles of Organization, Bylaws, etc.)

  • Choosing an Entity Structure

    • 501(c)(3) charitable organizations

    • 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations

    • 501(c)(6) business associations

    • 527 political organizations

  • Nonprofit Taxation

    • IRS Forms 1023 & 1024

    • 990 Tax Returns

  • Private Inurement Compliance

  • Political Activity Compliance

  • Organizational Actions

    • Board Meetings​

    • Board Minutes

    • Actions by Consent in Lieu of Meetings

Experience & Expertise

Over the course of my legal career, I've worked with more than 100 nonprofit organizations at every stage from startup to winding down. My clients have included many of Colorado's top trade associations, political organizations, and charitable foundations.


Furthermore, my experience isn't simply limited to legal counsel, but I've sat on boards for multiple organizations including ONE Colorado, the Colorado Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Ataxia Research Fund.

 Putting Experience & Success to Work for You

Request a Consult

Whether you have a problem that needs immediate attention or just want to find out more about how KBN Law can help your business, the first step is getting in touch.

Always free, initial consults are about listening to your story and figuring out if KBN Law is the right legal partner for you.

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