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KBN Fees

Fees are the bane of the legal industry. Necessary for law firms to bill and collect, unpleasant for clients to receive and pay.

KBN Law believes it doesn't need to be that way.

To provide flexibility and certainty to its clients, KBN Law offers billing plans that can help.


Initial Consultation

Being a lawyer is about listening to people and seeing if you can help. Consequently, KBN Law doesn't charge for initial consults. If it turns out that you need assistance that KBN can provide, we will work together to develop a partnership that works for you.


Flat Fee Legal Services

In keeping with KBN Law's vision to change the law firm experience and form a true partnership with clients, KBN Law offers flat fee legal service agreements. These flat fee agreements may take on the form of flat fees for specific services (e.g. individual contracts) or regular monthly services (e.g. outside general counsel). KBN Law believes flat fees provide at least four primary benefits to its client partners:

1. Increased Communication - when clients don't worry that every call will result in another bill, they are less reluctant to reach out for help. That can reduce risk and cost long-term.


2. Cost Certainty - understanding the amount budgeted toward legal costs helps partners build and maintain their focus on building their companies.

3. Discounted Rates - with a commitment from its client partners for legal services, KBN Law can offer discounts on the rate clients might otherwise pay under an hourly rate structure. KBN Law honors these discounted rates when adding to the scope of work for monthly or additional services.

4. Better Outcomes - by removing the pressure to limit hours billed under an hourly rate structure, KBN Law can ensure that all its client partner's questions receive the full attention and review they deserve to develop better legal outcomes.

While flat fee legal services require a level of trust and communication uncommon in many law firm relationships, KBN Law believes they highlight the value-added difference it strives to provide to its client partners.

Negotiated Based on Services to be Provided

Flat Fees

Hourly Rate for Legal Advice

Some clients only need help on a very limited basis or for individual projects.

Others still prefer the traditional "pay for what I use" hourly fee structure.


KBN Law offers an hourly rate structure to those clients. Time spent on client matters is tracked and billed in six-minute increments with a monthly summary of time spent and issues addressed attached to the client's KBN Law invoice.

$500 per hour

Hourly Rates
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