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04. Litigation & Appeals

An Advocate in Court

Nothing is more draining on individuals and organizations than litigation. Not just in terms of money out the door, but also psychological pain, wasted time, diverted attention and the feeling of helplessness that a lawsuit can engender. That's why it is important to have a legal partner who actively engages clients in their litigation, communicates and explains the process, and advocates forcefully in court.


KBN Law offers services including:

  • Civil Litigation

    • Municipal and County Court litigation​

    • Complex civil complaints

    • Mediation & Arbitration representation

  • Appellate Briefings & Argument

  • First Amendment Advocacy

  • Administrative Hearings

    • Election law complaints​

    • Medicaid appeals

    • Regulatory agency hearing

* KBN Law does NOT provide either criminal or family law litigation services, but will help you find the right advocate if you need help.

Experience & Expertise

Over the course of my career I've litigated in state, federal and administrative courts at every level. My experience includes civil litigation ranging from landlord-tenant disputes to complex First Amendment cases.

I have briefed and argued before many courts of appeals, including multiple Colorado Supreme Court arguments. Cases I've either argued and won directly or contributed to as general counsel include landmark rulings:

  • Colorado Ethics Watch v. Senate Majority Fund - First Amendment campaign finance case where I successfully argued organizations that do not "expressly advocate" the election or defeat of candidates are not subject to contribution limits.

  • Colorow Care Cener, LLC v. Fischer - as general counsel overseeing the appeal on behalf of the company, I contributed to a court victory that overturned the Court of Appeals decision and declared arbitration agreements did not need to "strictly comply" with the Colorado Health Care Availability Act, but rather must only demonstrate "substantial compliance."

 Putting Experience & Success to Work for You

Request a Consult

Whether you have a problem that needs immediate attention or just want to find out more about how KBN Law can help your business, the first step is getting in touch.

Always free, initial consults are about listening to your story and figuring out if KBN Law is the right legal partner for you.

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