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01. Corporate General Counsel

Legal Help for Common Corporate Questions

Most small and mid-sized business would love to have general counsel to help them address contracts, human resources complaints, potential litigation or similar matters. After-all, most business liability can be mitigated before it becomes a problem, but only if you know the legal pitfalls.


But the idea of general counsel always seems to apply to only the largest companies. Its expensive to keep an attorney on the payroll, especially if your company doesn't need full-time, dedicated legal staff. Consequently, most small and mid-sized companies either go without legal counsel and "wing-it" or pay expensive hourly rates without any cost certainty about the total time that will be billed.


KBN Law wants to change that dynamic and bring the peace of mind having an attorney on staff delivers big business to small and mid-sized companies.

Current client partners have engaged KBN Law through its flat fee structure to provide regular legal work for corporate matters without having to worry about punching the clock. In our experience, that breeds trust, increased efficiency, reduced exposure to liability and improved bottom lines.

General corporate services offered by KBN Law include, but aren't limited to:

  • Employment Agreements

  • Vendor Agreements

  • Management Agreements

  • Leases

  • Purchase & Sale Agreements

  • Human Resources Legal Support (e.g. EEOC, OSHA, ADA matters)

  • Corporate Bylaws, Minutes & Actions

  • Responses to Government Agencies / Investigations

  • Litigation Oversight

  • Compliance Training

Experience & Expertise

I spent three years serving as General Counsel for a large healthcare company with over 30 facilities across the state and 3,200 employees. In that role I oversaw every aspect of the company's legal work, from business transactions to human relations to real estate purchases and sales. I also oversaw all litigation at the company.

In the eight years before I became General Counsel I worked with business clients on a wide array of complex transactional work for organizations engaged in a range of industries from real estate to energy to healthcare.

 Putting Experience & Success to Work for You

Request a Consult

Whether you have a problem that needs immediate attention or just want to find out more about how KBN Law can help your business, the first step is getting in touch.

Always free, initial consults are about listening to your story and figuring out if KBN Law is the right legal partner for you.

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