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02. Healthcare Law

The Complex & Always Changing Healthcare Legal Landscape

No industry is as complex and ever-changing as healthcare. But as daunting as the challenges may be, the reward for providing access to quality care is even greater.

More than any other industry, leaders in healthcare are marked by their passion. That includes doctors and providers, administrators, payors and government officials. Each has a vested interest in helping to ensure people who need care get care, particularly high quality care that delivers exceptional outcomes.

KBN Law engages healthcare professionals in that journey. With both knowledge and experience in system structures, vendor and supply chain contracts, reimbursement, population health objectives and strategic planning, KBN Law delivers a legal partner with the business understanding to help healthcare organizations obtain and optimize their objectives.

In particular, working with innovative entrepreneurs and problem-solvers to create the next generation of healthcare delivery presents the opportunities in which KBN Law takes particular pride. Whether delivering telehealth to rural or non-mobile patients or creating efficiency models to reduce costs and increase care response times, innovation today helps save lives tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, great passion for healthcare service also comes great regulation and, too often, litigation. That's why it is important to have a legal partner you can rely on for guidance on licensing issues, HIPAA compliance, Stark and Anti-Kickback Statute guidance, and defending against clinical care lawsuits.

KBN Law services in the healthcare industry include, but aren't limited to:

  • Transactions and Contracts

    • Vendor and supply chain contracts

    • Management contracts

    • Employment contracts

    • Physician/provider contracts

    • Licensing contracts

    • Sales, mergers and acquisitions

  • Compliance​

    • HIPAA​

    • Stark Law

    • Anti-Kickback Statute

  • Regulatory agencies

    • CMS representation​

    • State department of health agencies

Experience & Expertise

I've worked in the healthcare industry both as an attorney representing organizations and as an executive with an MBA in Health Administration developing high level corporate strategies. The challenges, problem-solving and extraordinaire people I've met make it a passion for me.


Out of law school, I worked at a law firm helping multiple healthcare providers and payers navigate complex transactions and governance matters. I subsequently spent three years as General Counsel for Colorado's largest post-acute and long-term care provider. With 30+ facilities across the state and consulting practices across the Western US, I oversaw all legal matters for a company with more than 3,200 employees. In addition to drafting and negotiating complex transactional documents, I worked directly with clinical staff to review compliance, billing staff to ensure proper coding, and C-Suite executives to help guide the companies strategy.

My background in litigation and appeals also helped me to oversee all litigation for the company. During my time as general counsel, I oversaw both a contentious business-divorce and a victory before the Colorado Supreme Court dictating that healthcare arbitration clauses only require substantial compliance with the state's Health Care Availability Act: Colorow Healthcare LLC v Fischer.

Beyond my legal knowledge of the healthcare industry, I can contribute in long term strategic and business analysis. In addition to serving as an executive, I returned to school to follow my passion and to help me better analyze complex business problems and develop long-term solutions with my client partners in the healthcare field.

 Putting Experience & Success to Work for You

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Whether you have a problem that needs immediate attention or just want to find out more about how KBN Law can help your business, the first step is getting in touch.

Always free, initial consults are about listening to your story and figuring out if KBN Law is the right legal partner for you.

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