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03. Government Affairs & Election Law

Government Affairs

For most businesses, focusing on their customers and services is and should be their top priority. Dealing with government agencies and public officials can be distraction. But whether your governed by a licensing agency or reliant on government funding, government affairs is often a necessary reality. Having a legal partner who can help you develop and execute a strong outreach and education effort is critical.

Beyond having someone who can help you access and lobby public officials, it can also be crucial to have an attorney partner who can represent your interests in administrative and court hearings.

KBN government affairs offers help:

  • Creating business structures that can engage in political affairs

    • Federal political action committees (PACs)​ and state political committees

    • Small donor committees

    • 527 organizations

  • Engaging public officials​

    • Developing education programs​

    • Lobbying decision-makers

  • Represent business interests in administrative hearings and courts​

Election Law

Candidates, committees, interest groups. All need help getting organized and staying compliant in order to get their message out to voters.

KBN election law services include:

  • Committee creation and structure

    • Candidates​

    • Parties (local and state)

    • Outside organizations and interest groups

    • Trade and business associations

  • Registration and Filing

    • Municipal & County Clerks​

    • Secretary of State

    • Federal Election Commission

  • Ballot Measures​

    • Language review and guidance​

    • Hearing representation

    • Litigation counsel

  • Compliance​

    • Communications and engagement review​

    • Filings

  • Strategic Planning​

Experience & Expertise

I began working in politics as an 18-year-old volunteer on a US Senate campaign and have been working with candidates, elected officials, agencies and other government groups ever since.

My career includes time spent in government (Communications Director for the CO State Treasurer), on campaigns (Deputy Campaign Manager for a US Senate candidate; Senior Research Analyst for a US Presidential campaign), and as legal counsel (including a separate US Presidential campaign). I have also represented many politically active interest groups and associations over the course of my career. I frequently help organizations to both grow their political influence by designing legal structures for engagement and avoid violations of campaign finance rules and regulations.

Most importantly, I have cultivated a reputation for zealous advocacy tempered by a bipartisan approach. While typically associated with conservative public officials, I have also served on boards for liberal organizations such as ONE Colorado, the state's largest LGBTQ advocacy group. By dealing with officials from both sides of the aisle openly and honestly, I have been able to help clients address concerns both at the legislature and before state agencies.

I have represented both Republicans and Democrats, candidates, political parties and outside organizations in court throughout my career. Most notably, I served as the lawyer for two of the state's most influential election organizations when I argued and won a seminal decision in election law before the Colorado Supreme Court: Colorado Ethics Watch v. Senate Majority Fund

 Putting Experience & Success to Work for You

Request a Consult

Whether you have a problem that needs immediate attention or just want to find out more about how KBN Law can help your business, the first step is getting in touch.

Always free, initial consults are about listening to your story and figuring out if KBN Law is the right legal partner for you.

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