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Nicolais Coins #KanyeConJob for The Lincoln Project Legal Challenges to Kanye West Ballot Access

The morning of Aug. 8, Lakewood attorney Mario Nicolais studied a pair of complaints filed the night before in Wisconsin, arguing that paperwork filed earlier in the week by Kanye West’s presidential campaign was riddled with problems, including fraudulent entries and signatures from voters who said they were hoodwinked into adding their names.

“In fifteen years practicing election law, I have never seen anything as craven and shameful as the Kanye con job Donald Trump and his sycophants have attempted in Wisconsin,” Nicolais wrote in an article he posted later that afternoon to his website.

In the process, he coined a phrase — "Kanye Con Job" — that would briefly rocket across social media, drawing more than 100,000 readers to his analysis and coalescing anger and eye-rolling amusement around the billionaire rapper’s slipshod attempts to get on the ballot across the country, with the aid of Republican campaign operatives and President Donald Trump’s allies.

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